Ant Control

Ants are shunned by many homeowners as insignificant. But every homeowner should remember that the ants are empire builders. Few ants can soon build colonies in your house. These pests are designed to grow at a rapid pace. At Shield Pest Management we offer ant pest control services for all Sydney homeowners. The services are offered with experienced professionals who have wide knowledge about behaviours of ants and their habitats. Our services will not disrupt your family in any way. We use only eco friendly products to deliver hassle free ant pest control in Sydney.

Facts about Ants
  • Ants are tiny pests that can enter through the tiny cracks, sweet or greasy food materials left in the kitchens and storeroom and water outlets.
  • Ants leave a chemical trail that contains Pheromones which other ants follow when any food substance is located
  • Ants can build their nests anywhere around the house such as walls, lawns, stumps, etc.
  • These pests can build colonies of upto 500,000 and the entire colony can relocate at quick speed when there is any threat.
  • Ants can live for many years. The worker ants live for seven years and the Queen ant has a span of 15 years.
  • Habits of Ants
  • The ant species found in Australia is a stubborn species, very difficult to uproot.
  • If the infestations are not treated on time then it may cause severe problems and even health hazards.
  • As the ants like moist and food laden areas so they can be commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Ants are especially active in the warm summer days.
Our Services

At Shield Pest Management we know the worth of following a systematic process for ant pest control in Sydney. We plan in the following steps:

  • Our specialists survey your home and try to identify the species of ants infesting your property.
  • We do not target a small portion of the colony, rather opt to wipe out the nests (that is a long term solution).
  • Our experts use sweetened gels that contain odourless insecticides in strategic locations.
  • Some insecticidal dusts are also placed in the wall cavities and ceiling voids within specific rooms.

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