Bee Control

Do you have a bee problem? We at Shield pest Management, have adequate knowhow to fix this issue. Our services are cost-effective and eco-friendly. We offer bee control services for residential as well as commercial premises in Sydney. Our services are targeted to have maximum impact in removing the bees that are annoying your family and pets.

Facts about Bees
  • Bees have dark brown, hairy bodies.
  • Bees live in colonies that can accommodate more than 30,000 individual bees.
  • There is a distinction among bee community. Bee colonies have three castes: queen bee, worker bees and male drones.
  • The nests or hives can be typically found in trees, crevices or cracks that form in chimneys, brickwork or hollows.
Habits of Bees
  • Bees swarm around during spring season or early summer.
  • Bees consume honey and pollen grains.
  • Bees sting when they sense danger. These stings can be harsh on the recipient and even fatal.
  • These pests often attack in large groups.
Our Services

At Shield Pest Management, we have relieved many households from bee infestation with our services. When you hire us, our experts will take the following bee control measures:

  • Inspect the area and location of the bee hive.
  • Inject the bee nest/hive directly with insecticidal dust.
  • This insecticidal dust will be sprayed upon the bees not present in the hive.
  • At times our experts may also use baits for bee control in Sydney. Bee food source is sprayed with the dust
  • After the hive has been cleared of all the bees it will be eliminated.

If you need bee control services in Sydney,Contact us.