Traditional pest control methods do not work on spiders and neither is spider pest control sprays found in Sydney very effective. You need something more powerful to eliminate spiders from your home. Properties with a lot of bush and foliage in the vicinity are more prone to spider infestation.

We are here to provide you with a long-term and highly effective solution for spider control in Sydney. We serve homes in cities as well as suburbs. Our methods are environment-friendly and create maximum impact on the infestation without causing the least harm to you, your family and pets

There are many different types of species of spiders. Not all of them are harmful. But some of them are. The most common spiders found in Australia are: Redback, White Tail, Huntsman and Black House Spider. Bites of any of these are harmful for humans. We at Shield Pest Management, use thorough and proven spider control methods wherein we mist the external areas of your home such as fence lines, gutter lines, eaves etc. and internal areas such as skirting and cornices. We then dust the ceiling voids. The Huntsman spider control in Sydney is effective. We make use of Funnel web spider control measures.

We have special equipment that helps us access challenging areas of your property. We use various types of products for spider control.

How Long Does A Spider Control Treatment Effect Last?

There is no way to eliminate spiders permanently. They always come back and, as mentioned before, properties that have foliage and bush around are more prone to spider infestation. If this is the case with your property, you will require more frequent white tail spiders pest control treatments than others.

It is advisable to call for professional help to prevent dangerous species of spiders from colonizing your property. Professionals understand how spiders infest and what type of environment is best for them to thrive. Therefore, they know the right methods to get rid of spiders.